I run a number of figure drawing classes, demos, and open studios.  Here are some of the paintings from those sessions, lasting usually 3- 5 hours, with breaks.  


My family moved to Wisconsin from Long Island, New York, and I was born in Madison and raised in central Wisconsin.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in Fine Arts and later moved to New York to study at the Grand Central Atelier.  After completing the three year program, in addition to study at the Art Students League, I returned to Madison to paint and to teach.  In an effort to build a community, to learn from other artists, and to routinely practice painting from the figure, I rented a studio and started offering classes, workshops, and open studios.  I now teach at both the University of Wisconsin - Madison and also at my school, the Atwood Atelier.

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Various Workshops by esteemed artists such as Grigor Eftimov, Frank Porcu, Michael Grimaldi, Tony Curanaj, Mason Sullivan, Stephen Perkins, Clayton Beck, Greg Rodriguez, Eddie Nino, Zack Zdrale, and Angela Cunningham
Chicago, New York City, and Madison  2006 - present

Water Street Atelier / Grand Central Academy of Art (currently the Grand Central Atelier)
New York City 2006 - 2009

The Art Students League of New York
New York City 2009

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Bachelors of Science, Fine Arts, Class of 2003

Institute Politecnica
Valencia, Spain  1/01 – 6/01


2016 People, Drury Gallery, Portage, WI
2014 - 2015 Portraits, Continuing Studies Gallery, Madison, WI
2014 Ice Cave Murals, Epic, Verona, WI
2014 American Girl mural ceremony, Middleton, WI
2013 Ice Cave Murals, Epic, Verona, WI
2012 Recent Still Lifes, Yahara Bay Distillery, Fitchburg, WI
2012 Drawings, Fair Trade, Madison, WI
2012 Recent Works, TNT, Madison, WI
2011 Nosce Te Ipsum (dual show), The Overture Center for the Arts, Madison, WI
2006 Recent Works, Mildred’s, Madison, WI
2004 Wisconsin Union Bowling Alley, Madison, WI
2003 Minorities and Hunger, The Neighbor’s Place, Wausau, WI


2012-2016 biannual Gallery Night Winnebago Studios, Madison, WI
2016 Faces of Incarceration, Winnebago Studios Gallery, Madison, WI
2015 Roots, Yahara River Gallery, Madison, WI
2015 Renaissance Perspectives, Yahara River Gallery, Madison, WI
2015 Beauty and the Beast, Yahara River Gallery, Madison, WI
2014 Creekside Elementary Freedom Shrine Mural, Sun Prarie, WI
2013 Works from Atwood Atelier, U Frame It, Madison, WI
2013 Beautiful People, The Inferno, Maple Bluff, WI
2012 Globe University Art Show, The Inferno, Maple Bluff, WI
2011 Faith or Justice?, Red Gym, Madison WI
2011 Evolution Arts Collective, Madison, WI
2011 Seeing Green, The Inferno, Maple Bluff, WI
2011 Evolution Arts Collective, Madison, WI
2010 My Favorite Things, The Inferno, Maple Bluff, WI
2007 Grant Central Academy Grand Opening, New York City, NY


Exhibited in Dane Arts Buy Local (DABL), a juried art fair, and received second place Audience Choice Award, 2016
Finalist for The Artist's Magazine's 33rd Annual Art Competition with 'Sketch of the Artist's Mother', 2016
Chosen to act as juror and presenter for the Wisconsin Regional Arts Program (WRAP), Portage, WI, 2016
Grantee from the Madison Arts Commission and the Wisconsin Arts Board for the Atwood Atelier, 2015
Featured artist at UW-Madison DCS, 2015  See brochure here
Creekside Elementary Freedom Shrine Mural, Sun Prairie, WI 2014
Gallery 408 Residency program, Carrizozo, NM 2010
Alfred Ross award for Outstanding Achievement in Classical Arts 2007
School Mascot design contest 1991


Penninsula School of Art, workshop, 2017, Fish Creek, WI
Atwood Atelier, 2012 - present, Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin Continuing Studies, 2013 - present, Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin Minicourses, 2006 - present, Madison, WI
Private Studio, 2001 - present
Center of Visual Arts, June 2010, Wausau, WI


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I run a number of figure drawing classes, demos, and open studios.  Here are some of the sketches from those sessions, lasting usually 3- 5 hours, with breaks.  


American Girl

This spring I worked on some backdrops for the toy giant American Girl with the lovely Alicia Rheal from Rheal Imagination.  They used them for photoshoots for the Christmas catalog

Here are some shots from the catalogs.  Our painted backdrops can be seen in the backgrounds.

Ice Cave Mural

I recently, with the help of four other wonderful artists, completed a massive 9,600 ft² mural for a software company in Verona, Wisconsin, just outside of Madison.  The project took about 5 months.

Ice Cave Part 2

One year after the project was complete, the company asked us to paint the entryway leading into the Ice Cave.  

Garage Door Mural

Some projects are more conventional than others.

Student Union Mural

In 2003, the University of Wisconsin - Madison asked me to create a mural for the bowling alley of the Student Union South.  The project lasted about one year.

Still Lifes

Vanitas 2013

Staghorn Fern 2011

Chained to the World and we all have to Pull 2012

Studio Interior 2012

Light Bulbs 2009


Edgar 2014

Alex 2013

Alan 2007

Taqiya 2007

 Wausau Self Portrait 2010

Sara 2006

Peter Paul Rubens copy  2008

Nikolai Lebedev copy  2011


My classes place a heavy emphasis on a classical, traditional understanding of the craft of drawing and painting.  Students can expect to learn clear, comprehensive principles and techniques that artists have employed for centuries to create drawings and paintings that are true to life.  

I teach a number of classes through the University of Wisconsin - Madison Continuing Studies Department. For more information about the classes, visit the website.

Drawing 1
This 6-week class is suited for beginners and experienced artists interested in strengthening their skills through a classical approach to drawing.  Demonstrations, drawing time, and individual critiques focus on the fundamentals of proportion, gesture, abstract shapes, value, and rendering form.  We will also discuss materials and study master drawings to understand their strengths and the techniques and processes employed.

Drawing 2
Continue building on classical foundations in drawing. In this 8-week class learn to see and understand the visual experience and how to translate that to paper.  Topics include drawing in a linear mode, proportions, perspective, thinking sculpturally, and understanding light phenomena. In this comprehensive approach, students will draw from antique plaster casts in the tradition of the masters. Prerequisite: Drawing 1.

Drawing the Figure
The human figure is an ideal substrate for the study of many drawing concepts.  This 8-week class covers fundamental concepts such as proportion, gesture, perspective, value, anatomy, figure structure, and light phenomena.  Classes begin with a demonstration and proceed with individual critiques of both short and long poses.  Additional topics include looking at master drawings and in-process works, with a discussion of their strengths, differences, and the procedures employed to create them.

Museum Copying at the Chazen

Throughout history, artists have understood that to become a skillful, proficient draftsman the copying of master paintings is an invaluable training tool in the development of an artist.
Through imitation and repetition, one is able to better understand how the masters solved the same problems that we as artists are confronted with today.

Museum copying gives students an opportunity to study brushwork and paint application, color decisions, edges, and form description in a museum setting. In partnership with the UW-Madison Chazen Museum of Art, students spend 8 weeks copying a portion or all of a painting.

School of the Arts in Spring Green

This summer I will be teaching two workshops in the School of the Arts in beautiful Spring Green, Wisconsin.  The school is housed in the Wyoming Valley Cultural Arts Center, a Frank Lloyd Wright building, and is around the corner from Taliesin, the architect's studio and home.  For more information about these workshops, or to register, visit The School of the Arts in Spring Green.  

 Alla Prima Painting: The Portrait Sketch

This workshop will explore a simple, straightforward approach to oil painting through the execution of a portrait in the alla prima fashion. Although the class is grounded in the classical tradition, these principles will be employed in a loose, quick, sketchy approach.

Topics discussed will include paint handling, munsell color theory, block-in, accurate drawing, edge control, composition, understanding form, lighting, and good studio practice. Beginners through advanced are welcome to attend.

Traditional Portrait Drawing
  Drawing and painting from life presents a myriad of both benefits and challenges not present when working from photography. Additionally, drawing the portrait presents its own unique set of difficulties. This workshop will focus on a traditional, classical approach to portrait drawing from a live model over the course of 2 days.
Topics covered will include drawing in a linear mode, proportion, perspective, thinking sculpturally, anatomy and facial structure, and understanding light phenomena. Beginners through advanced are welcome to attend.

Monday Nights Open Studio

 Open Figure Drawing and Painting (Uninstructed)

Founded in 2010, the Open Figure Drawing and Painting Studio at Winnebago Studios exists to foster a community of artists interested in working from the figure.   Although each artist works in a very different style, with a range of different styles and mediums, we are united by a reverence for the tradition, a love of the craft, and a pursuance of a mastery of our medium.  In addition to benefiting from such a diverse set of knowledge, skills, and philosophies, a sense of belonging and community is an invaluable aid in the development and growth of any aspiring artist. 

There is a very diverse range of mediums and skill levels, and there are no expectations.  The idea is simply to be able to work, from a live model, in an environment with other people who share the same passion;  to connect with other artists, share ideas, and to practice your craft.

Open Figure Drawing and Painting Studio at Winnebago Studios is on Mondays from 5-10pm
The cost is $143 for 3 months or $15 / session

More Mondays

Every Monday a group of friends and I get together at my studio for one 5 hour pose with a model.  Sometimes its a nude, sometimes a portrait, sometimes a costume.  Here's a couple portrait paintings from those sessions.  

classical painting

alla prima portrait