Portrait of Jackie Berge

Portrait of Jackie Berge


Although I welcome any commission, my focus lately has been portraiture from life. If you are interested in a commissioned portrait, expect to sit for a single session, lasting from 3-5 hours (with breaks every 25 minutes). Although oftentimes a single session will suffice, for larger portraits, and for those that include hands and more clothes, multiple sittings are sometimes requested. 

Although I prefer to work from life, I understand that not everyone's schedules can accommodate my preferred working methods. If working from photography, I like to be the one taking the photos, and to do a quick color sketch from life in oil. If taking my own photos is not an option, I am willing to accommodate.

Commissioned portraits start around $300 for a small sketch, and can range up to $4000 for a large, formal portrait that includes hands, background, etc. People who sit in an open studio setting can expect a discount for modeling for us.

I have also worked with a number of large corporations to produce a number of murals and other large scale works. Some examples of this include works for Epic Systems, American Girl, the Children’s Theater of Madison, and the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a commission, or if you have any questions.