Faces of Incarceration: Changing the Narrative

"Faces of Incarceration: Changing the Narrative" aimed to honor and humanize the people impacted by Wisconsin's prison system by painting their portraits from life. We aimed to contribute to the current conversations about race, justice, and inequity by focusing on those most affected by it.

In a world that often overlooks these individuals, we spent hours carefully observing their features and recreating them on canvas. By inviting them into the studio and getting to know them, we forged a connection face to face. And by displaying their portraits, we invite the public to truly see them; to understand them as individuals who deserve respect and compassion.

"Faces of Incarceration" consists of work from members of Atwood Atelier, a diverse group of dedicated artists working exclusively from live models. Our way of working— sharing time and space with the model—gives us a unique vantage point and sense of connection with the people we paint.

In April of 2016 the show debuted at Winnebago Studios in Madison, WI. In July of 2017 it will be in the Overture Center, also in Madison. Below are the works I contributed to the show.

Beauty and the Beast

"Beauty and the Beast" depicts twelve artists' interpretations of two different models. The show was held at the Yahara River Gallery in Madison, WI in August of 2015.