Faces of Incarceration: Changing the Narrative

Wisconsin has the highest rate of incarceration of people of color than any state in the country. When people return to their community after the trauma of incarceration, they are more often stigmatized than embraced, vulnerable to revocation for non-criminal acts, and locked out of opportunities such as adequate housing and life sustaining work. 

In a world that often overlooks these individuals, the artists of Atwood Atelier spent hours carefully observing their features and recreating them on canvas. By inviting them into our studio and getting to know them, we forged a connection face to face. And by displaying their portraits, we invite the public to truly see them; to understand them as individuals who deserve respect and compassion. 

In April of 2016 the show debuted at Winnebago Studios in Madison, WI. In July and August of 2017 it was in the Overture Center, also in Madison, and was the Overture’s most well attended reception. To view photos of the reception and panel discussion, click here. To view a short video clip of the reception, click here. Below are some of the works I contributed to the show.