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I was born in Madison and raised in central Wisconsin.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in Fine Arts and, seeking a classical understanding of painting from life, moved to New York to study at the Grand Central Atelier.  After completing the three year program, in addition to study at the Art Students League, I returned to Madison to paint and to teach.  In an effort to build a community, to learn from other artists, and to routinely practice painting from the figure, I rented a studio and started offering classes, workshops, and open studios.  I now teach at both the University of Wisconsin - Madison and also at my school, the Atwood Atelier.

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Grand Central Atelier New York, NY

  • Full Time Program/certificate, 2006 - 2009

The Art Students League of New York New York, NY

  • Figure Drawing, Dean Hartung Instructor/2009

University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI

  • Bachelor of Science, Fine Arts, 1998 - 2003



Workshops: Grigor Eftimov, Frank Porcu, Michael Grimaldi, Tony Curanaj, Mason Sullivan, Stephen Perkins, Clayton Beck, Greg Rodriguez, Eddie Nino, Zack Zdrale, and Angela Cunningham



Peninsula School of Art, 2017 - present. Fish Creek, WI

Atwood Atelier, 2012 - present. Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin Continuing Studies, 2013 - present. Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin Minicourses, 2006 – present. Madison, WI

Center of Visual Arts, June 2010. Wausau, WI

Private Studio, 2001 - present



2018 People of Madison, Yahara Bay Distillers. Fitchburg, WI

2018 Paintings of People, Capitol Lakes. Madison, WI

2017 People of Madison, Continuing Studies Gallery. Madison, WI

2017 Recent Works, Fair Trade. Madison, WI

2017 People of Madison, Dane Arts Gallery. Madison, WI

2016 People, Drury Gallery. Portage, WI

2014/15 Portraits, Continuing Studies Gallery. Madison, WI

2014 Ice Cave Murals, Epic. Verona, WI

2014 American Girl mural ceremony. Middleton, WI

2012 Recent Still Lifes, Yahara Bay Distillers. Fitchburg, WI

2012 Drawings, Fair Trade. Madison, WI

2012 Recent Works, TNT. Madison, WI

2011 Nosce Te Ipsum (dual show), The Overture Center for the Arts. Madison, WI

2006 Recent Works, Mildred’s. Madison, WI

2004 Mural, Wisconsin Union Bowling Alley. Madison, WI

2003 Minorities and Hunger, The Neighbor’s Place. Wausau, WI



2019 Consequential Convergence, Driftless Historium, Mt. Horeb, WI

2018 Pop Up Art Market, Madison Area Technical College. Madison, WI

2017 Faces of Incarceration, Overture Center. Madison, WI

2017 Picture Social Justice and Human Rights, Gallery 1581. Boston, MA

2012/17 Biannual Gallery Night Winnebago Studios. Madison, WI

2016 Faces of Incarceration, Winnebago Studios Gallery. Madison, WI

2015 Inaugural Group Show, Eleventh Street Arts. New York, NY

2015 Roots, Yahara River Gallery. Madison, WI

2015 Renaissance Perspectives, Yahara River Gallery. Madison, WI

2015 Beauty and the Beast, Yahara River Gallery. Madison, WI

2014 Creekside Elementary Freedom Shrine Mural. Sun Prairie, WI

2013 Works from Atwood Atelier, U Frame It. Madison, WI

2013 Beautiful People, The Inferno. Maple Bluff, WI

2012 Globe University Art Show, The Inferno. Maple Bluff, WI

2011 Faith or Justice?, Red Gym. Madison WI

2011 Evolution Arts Collective. Madison, WI

2011 Seeing Green, The Inferno. Maple Bluff, WI

2011 Evolution Arts Collective. Madison, WI

2010 My Favorite Things, The Inferno. Maple Bluff, WI

2007 Grant Central Academy Grand Opening. New York, NY



2019 Invitational Award form MMOCA’s Art Fair on the Square. Madison, WI

2018 Finalist in the 13th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition

2017 2nd Place Still Life category from the Portrait Society of America

2017 5th Place Non Commissioned Portrait from Portrait Society of America

2017 Chosen to paint a 6' Bucky Badger for Madison's public art project 'Bucky on Parade.' Madison, WI

2017 Exhibited in Dane Arts Buy Local (DABL) and received 2nd place. Madison, WI

2016 Finalist for The Artist’s Magazine’s 33rd Annual Art Competition 

2016 Juror, Wisconsin Regional Arts Program (WRAP). Portage, WI

2016 Exhibited in Dane Arts Buy Local (DABL) and received 2nd place. Madison, WI

2015 Grantee,  Madison Arts Commission and the Wisconsin Arts Board. Madison, WI

2015 Featured artist, UW-Madison DCS. Madison, WI

2014 Creekside Elementary Freedom Shrine Mural. Sun Prairie, WI

2010 Gallery 408 Residency program. Carrizozo, NM

2007 Alfred Ross award for Outstanding Achievement in Classical Arts. New York, NY

1991 School Mascot design contest. Wausau, WI



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