Visible Bucky in the News

Bucky on Parade has ended, and Visible Bucky is in its permanent home, the Best Western Inntowner at 2424 University Ave in Madison. Over the summer while the statues were on display throughout the city, Visible Bucky has created a lot of press.


Here is a brief interview about the process, along with some progress pics.

Here is a segment by NBC 15, one of only two stories that they wrote about an individual Bucky.

Here is a glowing review by Tone Madison, which covers art, music, and culture in Madison.

Here is an article from the Isthmus about a group that has been taking photos naked with various Buckys.

Here is a blog post about Visible Bucky by Ann Sinfield, of the Chazen Museum.

Here is a blog post by Beth Simmons from on Visible Bucky.

Here is a reddit post under the subreddit ATBGE (awful taste but great execution).

Here is another reddit post under r/madisonwi.