Friday, April 3, 2015

Coffee Still Life

A value study is an invaluable tool for mapping out tonal arrangement, and also for seeing the entire composition before embarking on the final painting.  Usually about 1/4 scale, a monochrome value study can also be an opportunity to make some slight alterations to the actual values with the intent of enhancing the feel of the entire painting.

oil painting

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monday Nights Open Studio

 Open Figure Drawing and Painting (Uninstructed)

Founded in 2010, the Open Figure Drawing and Painting Studio at Winnebago Studios exists to foster a community of artists interested in working from the figure.   Although each artist works in a very different style, with a range of different styles and mediums, we are united by a reverence for the tradition, a love of the craft, and a pursuance of a mastery of our medium.  In addition to benefiting from such a diverse set of knowledge, skills, and philosophies, a sense of belonging and community is an invaluable aid in the development and growth of any aspiring artist. 

There is a very diverse range of mediums and skill levels, and there are no expectations.  The idea is simply to be able to work, from a live model, in an environment with other people who share the same passion;  to connect with other artists, share ideas, and to practice your craft.

Open Figure Drawing and Painting Studio at Winnebago Studios is on Mondays from 5-10pm
The cost is $143 for 3 months or $15 / session

Monday, March 23, 2015

John Frank

Anyone who draws from the model in Madison knows John Frank.  Here's one I did in my Sunday class at the University.  It was a 3 hour pose.

figure drawing

Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Mondays

Every Monday a group of friends and I get together at my studio for one 5 hour pose with a model.  Sometimes its a nude, sometimes a portrait, sometimes a costume.  Here's a couple portrait paintings from those sessions.  

classical painting

alla prima portrait

Monday, February 2, 2015

Alla Prima Portrait class with Taya Kuklina

Exciting things are happening at Winnebago Studios!  Taya Kuklina is instructing a class entitled, "The Alla Prima Portrait."  Its sold out this semester, but will start up again in the spring.  Here are some examples of her work:

To view more of her works, please visit her site.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

University of Wisconsin Mural

In 2003, the University of Wisconsin - Madison asked me to create a mural for the bowling alley of the Student Union South.  The project lasted about one year.

bowling mural painting

Spring Classes

It is such an honor to have my work on the cover of the University of Wisconsin - Madison Continuing Studies catalog for this spring.  

A quick synopsis of some of my classes this spring:

Drawing Fundamentals:  This 6-week class is suited for beginners and experienced artists interested in strengthening their skills through a classical approach to drawing.  Demonstrations, drawing time, and individual critiques focus on the fundamentals of proportion, gesture, abstract shapes, value, and rendering form.  We will also discuss materials and study master drawings to understand their strengths and the techniques and processes employed.

Drawing the Figure:  The human figure is an ideal substrate for the study of many drawing concepts.  This 8-week class covers fundamental concepts such as proportion, gesture, perspective, value, anatomy, figure structure, and light phenomena.  Classes begin with a demonstration and proceed with individual critiques of both short and long poses.  Additional topics include looking at master drawings and in-process works, with a discussion of their strengths, differences, and the procedures employed to create them.

Museum Copying at the Chazen:  Throughout history, artists have understood that to become a skillful, proficient draftsman the copying of master paintings is an invaluable training tool in the development of an artist.  Through imitation and repetition, one is able to better understand how the masters solved the same problems that we as artists are confronted with today.  This is fun class in a very inspiring venue.  

Figure and Portrait Studio - Sunday Morning:  This is an uninstructed class intended to give artists an opportunity to work from the figure in an environment surrounded by a like minded community of artists.  Each artist works in a very different fashion, with a myriad different mediums, approaches, and inspirations.  The class is three hours every Sunday morning under beautiful, north light and offers a variety of models, poses, and lighting.   

Traditional Long Pose Portrait Painting:  Drawing and painting from life presents many challenges not present when working from photography; the portrait presents its own difficulties.  This six week class focuses on a classical approach to portrait painting.  The first two weeks focus on accurate drawing (perspective, proportions, gesture, etc.) and transferring to linen.  Students then work on an imprimatura (wipe-out), followed by an ebauche (underpainting), and finally the final opaque layer.  Other topics to be discussed include color theory, properties of form and light, anatomy, edge control, and good studio practice. 

More information about the UW Madison DCS classes can be found here.